Walk on water - carotid

Homeostasis is the process of coordinating body systems to maintain a relatively stable internal environment. Cell activity, requirements and wastes are monitored using feedback systems, involving the nervous and endocrine systems. The organism coordinates the surroundings of its cells as a whole to ensure that the composition of internal body fluid remains within certain limits. A relatively controlled internal environment is achieved.

There are a few different recipes for tumescent anesthesia, the one presented in the doodle is the one first outlined by Klein, some use more or less lidocaine or epinephrine.

Mechanical thrombectomy for stroke is a highly specialized treatment and should only be performed at hospitals with experience in the use of stent retrievers. (See "Reperfusion therapy for acute ischemic stroke", section on 'Selecting patients for mechanical thrombectomy' .)

It is important that cancer patients be on the lookout for signs of mucositis, which should be treated as soon as possible once diagnosed. The consequences of mucositis can be mild, requiring little intervention, but they can also be severe–such as hypovolemia, electrolyte abnormalities, and malnutrition–and even result in fatality. Oral mucositis can:

When we walk a pumping action of the feet will cause the calf venous muscle pump to force upward movement of the blood in the vein.  One-way valves at multiple levels in the vein help movement of the blood against gravity.  When valves in the vein are defective, the blood leaks (venous reflux) and instead of moving upward toward the heart the blood pools in the leg causing venous stasis or venous congestion, then stasis pigmentation and loss of subcutaneous tissues under the skin (atrophie blanche and lipodermatosclerosis) and then ulceration.

Our optometry clinic provides our patients with complete eye examinations including testing for glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases. We provide all your vision needs, including glasses AND contact lenses.

Walk On Water - CarotidWalk On Water - CarotidWalk On Water - CarotidWalk On Water - Carotid