Arthur brown's kingdom come* kingdom come - spirit of joy

Arthur brown's vocals sound great and he deliver it in his crazy and emotional way, sometimes those vocals are synthesised as well giving the music an even stranger sound. You actually have to listen to this to know it exists. The music ranges from heavy sound with hypnotizing beat, raw distorted guitars and a full key attack, to more relaxed atmosphere, everything is so crystal clear too. Victor Peraino had done a wonderful work, his keys does not sound the same, it's a mix of sounds we never heard before, that's for sure. The album sounds dark and cold inspite all the analog instruments used. Although the songs are not the same quality and it's not a prog masterpiece, i will give this 5 stars because it's different, exciting, new and that's what i'm looking for. The bonus tracks are different versions of the songs and features 'spirit of joy' with real drums, although it's a nice version it only indicates of how great was that experiment including the drum machine in the album. social review comments | Review Permalink
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I came to understand the album through the track "Whirlpool", by way of Brown's strange sailor anthemish bit, or how to explain it. I listened to the beginning of the song several times, when I'd given up hope, and it stuck by me. After that the whole track and eventually the whole album unravelled it's secrets and the treasure was found. When you've cracked the code the album it is strangely accessible, though fully impenetrable at first. The music is severely demented, yet so amazingly conceived it's blinding me. The british antics and references are definately to my taste and the ideas seemed to come flying by at crazy speed and in ever crazier numbers. There are a lot of sounds, bits and utter pieces joining in, making me wonder how on Earth you are able to concoct anything like this. The only real putdown, for me, is when Brown discusses his bowl movements accompanied by the band making silly, colonic noises. It is ridicilous and out of place, in fact it is below Brown I think. That put aside, the album is endearingly british, quirky, insane, utterly progressive and entertaining in every sense of the word. As a result, I find "Kingdom come" being a true delight. While not worthy of five stars it is certainly an album of four, bright shining stars. From my first feelings of bewilderment and disgust, I am now amazed and in love with this album. There are tales of everything, to the sounds of folk, medieval, hard rock, amazing organ playing an progressive music of the highest caliber. Top notch! Sort of. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come* Kingdom Come - Spirit Of JoyArthur Brown's Kingdom Come* Kingdom Come - Spirit Of JoyArthur Brown's Kingdom Come* Kingdom Come - Spirit Of JoyArthur Brown's Kingdom Come* Kingdom Come - Spirit Of Joy