The flames - everytime

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Because of the high extramarital affair rate, successful reunions for this group of participants was low: only 5% of the lost-love couples married each other; one or both of the affair partners chose to remain married. If they were not caught, most ended their reunions after a few years. 

Unlike burning wood, the ethanol fireplace doesn’t emit any dangerous fumes when burning. That’s actually the reason it doesn’t need a chimney – the fuel is so clean that the final product of the flame is a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide (and don’t be afraid, you won’t get wet walls or suffocate, see the Con about oxygen for more info).

This discography was compiled from several sources, [2] [5] [10] [12] but there are a number of inconsistencies.

The Flames - EverytimeThe Flames - EverytimeThe Flames - EverytimeThe Flames - Everytime