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Triplicate Entertainment, LLC. https: ... While exploring the Pathos II facility, @Vieparlafoi encounters some interesting characters. https: ...

While he couldn’t be a bigger admirer of Sinatra’s style, he doesn’t attempt to copy it; on the contrary, Dylan stakes out completely different territory. He has never been a fan of modern recording techniques, and for his latest albums, at least, he is wise to eschew them. As on Shadows in the Night and Fallen Angels , he performs live in the studio with a superb quintet and a sparingly used horn section. There are no Nelson Riddle-style orchestrations, nor are there overdubs. And, while Dylan’s nuanced, limited-range vocals often sound stunning in their way, the last thing you’d call them is “polished.” He favors emotional impact over perfection and makes you hear every familiar line in a fresh way. “My voice cracking here and there wouldn’t bother me,” he said in a fascinating recent interview with journalist Bill Flanagan. “Bum notes or wrong chords would bother me more…My voice cracking…doesn’t hurt the overall effect.” He’s right.

Triplicate - EncountersTriplicate - EncountersTriplicate - EncountersTriplicate - Encounters